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macroHealth is a Health Management system developed for the management full management of hospitals. It contains modules that will manage front desk, patients/patients records, Doctors, Pharmacy in the hospital, radiology, and more.

Its develope to suite all kinds of hospitals. What ever your requirements may be, the system has been designed to fit in properly.

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software development

software development


This was developed for the sole purpose of managing pharamcies. It is customized to suite the needs of any type of pharmacy.

It contains modules which include sales order, customer management, sales receipt, purchase management, inventory/warehouse management, general accounting, and all forms of reporting.

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macroSales is multi-dimensional sales software that can be used across all forms of business that involves sales, like factories, supermarkets, fuel/gas stations, small shops, etc.

It contains modules neccessary for sales, issueing receipt to client, making wholesale/retail sales, rasing purchase orders, managing inventories/warehose/stores, reports on sales/purchase/transfer of items, managing expense, general Accounting, profit/loss statements, etc.

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software development

software development


macroBooks is a general accounting system developed for managing accounts of a company, organisations, church, etc.

It is designed to suite any type of organisation.

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